The Complex Systems Laboratory (xLab) is dedicated to research and wondrous technological achievements in the world of simple complexity, emergence, and evolution.

Our main fields of research are Complex and Large Scale Systems, Evolutionary Computing, Control Systems & Robotics. We are interested in both modelling (for complex systems we like to tackle emerging fields like agent based modelling & simulation) and control system design (for usually nonlinear and uncertain process, large scale and complex systems, either biological or socio-technical).

Our main application areas cover intelligent transport systems, traffic and pedestrian simulation in virtual environments, distributed problem solving, smart structures, human processes control, swarm robotics.

We strive to change the way the scientific world views the modelling and control of complex systems.

“A brain is a society of very small, simple modules that cannot be said to be thinking, that are not smart in themselves. But when you have a network of them together, out of that arises a kind of smartness.” —Kevin Kelly

A brief history

The soul of xLab was born long ago, in a land far away, i.e. around 2011 in a small room full of dreams and ideas. xLab is not a place, but a team. Over time, we had other names, people joined or left, but at the core we remained determined: we are here to change the world.

2011: CitySCAPE sees its alpha version.

2013-2016: The Emergent Multiscale Agents & Services (EMAS) Research Group works to open the world of research to exceptional students through a series of small individual projects.

2016-2017: The Complex Systems Master Program is designed.

2018: xLab receives its new name!

How to work with us

Research groups collaborations. We’re always looking for challenging projects! Contact us if you need a partner or a leader.

Become a member. Work on innovative projects within our research programs and projects. For young researchers with an excellent academic record, we offer doctoral stages and teaching assistant experience.

Research contracts. We offer research and development services for interested companies in our interest fields. Do you have an advertising robot that keeps bumping into people? We can design its control system! Are you performing social studies and need a simulation model to test out your market research strategies? Tell us, and we’ll show you what agent-based modelling can do for you. Contact us for further details.

Students. xLab has a long history of nurturing student involvement in research. We usually supervise bachelor, masters, and doctoral dissertations. Sometimes, we offer summer internships. Keep an eye out for available positions!