EACDS: Efficient Approximations of Complex Delayed Systems (2017-2018)

Delays are present everywhere in modelling modern systems such as platoons of vehicles, where delays occur in the communication between vehicles. Delays introduce instability in the system, render the system infinite-dimensional (infinite number of poles impossible to quantify) and may cause loss of the topology leading to high costs affecting the quality of life in the long run, see, e.g., traffic congestions.

The main goal of the project is yielding finite-dimensional accurate approximations preserving desired properties of the given system. These approximations belong to a family of parametrised reduced-order models that match a set of prescribed moments of the given system. High accuracy is achieved through matching the derivatives of the transfer function of the given system. Additional properties are obtained through proper selections of the free parameters of the reduced-order model.


Project leader Tudor C. Ionescu

Core team Cristian Flutur


This work has been funded through the program UPB Excellence in Research Internal Grants GEX2017 – Efficient Approximations of Complex Delayed Systems, 16/25.09.2017.

Budget 22 000 RON


  • T. C. Ionescu and O. V. Iftime, A moment matching approach for systems of delayed differential equations, presented at the European Control Conference, 2018, Limassol, Cipru, to appear in the IEEE proceedings volume of the aforementioned conference.
  • T. C. Ionescu, O. V. Iftime and Q. C. Zhong, Moment matching-based approximations of a FIR system, Systems & Control Letters, under review.