GAIA: Genetic Algorithms with Immune Adaptation (2016-present)

This project aims to design and implement an improved genetic algorithm, based on individuals immunization. This first approach tries to reduce the risk for a possible solution to slip into local minima through the immunization procedure. Thus, the individuals with a low adaptation degree will be replaced by individuals with superior characteristics, in order to propagate them throughout the generations.

The algorithm also has an adaptive module that adjusts the search space, mutation and recombination rates.

The immunization algorithm is used for controller design in a variety of plants and processes.


2018: testing, testing, and more testing.

2016: first implementation is live; works for controller design!


Project leader Monica Patrascu

Core team Iuliana BereČ™, Andreea Ion


This project is being supported through the Complex Systems Laboratory. Find out how to contribute to funding this project further.