MoVe: Motor Velocity and Torque Control (2017-2018)

MoVe is a platform for DC motor analysis and control.

The platform is comprised of 2 sepex motors, connected to each other through a shaft. A torque tranducer and an encoder are present on the shaft between the 2 motors. The motors receive power from a 24V supply, through a driver board. The board allows measuring voltage and current for each motor. The board also serves as a data acquisition and command (DAQ) board. The board is connected to a PC which runs the main user interface. This software also serves as a bridge between the hardware and third party software such as Matlab.

Project status

March 2018: The Mk. I prototype board is complete. Preliminary motor tests are successful!


Project leader Ioan Marica

Core team Monica Patrascu, Ioan Sacală

Associates & Students Raluca Roman, Vlad Mărăcine


This project is being supported through the Complex Systems Laboratory. Find out how to contribute to funding this project further.